Mustard, YG Joins Forces With Postmates to Deliver $100K Worth of Food to LA Families

Mustard and YG are taking their partnership beyond music. The West Coast duo has equity in Fishbone Seafood restaurants and plan to join forces with Postmates to deliver $100,000 worth of food.

“I met one of the owners at a gas station, and he told me we should do business,” YG tells Billboard. “I called Mustard and told him about the opportunity, and he was ready to go.”

Mustard is hoping to bring relief to Black and brown families that have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID-19 has hit Black and Brown communities the hardest,” he says. “YG and I have not forgotten where we come from, and feel a duty to support those who are less fortunate and have been our biggest supporters from the beginning.”

Mustard and YG are celebrating Juneteenth and the second annual Mustard Day by delivering $50,000 worth of food to communities in the delivery radius in partnership with Postmates.

Select Fishbone restaurants will have healthy alternatives like The Mustard Plate (grilled shrimp and filet sole with sautéed veggies) and The YG Plate (grilled filet sole with sautéed veggies.)

The rest of the money will go to multiple LA organizations like A New Way of Life, Hollywood Food Coalition, Midnight Mission, Watts Empowerment Center, Upward Bound House, and five St. John’s Well Child and Family clinics the following week.