Multiple Unreleased Kendrick Lamar Songs Leaked Over The Weekend


Over the weekend, four new Kendrick Lamar songs leaked on the internet. A couple of the songs sound unfinished, but it is a clear indication that Kendrick has been in the studio and is most likely gearing up to drop his next album The first song, “Guilty Conscience” leaked on Saturday, September 5th. The song is a flip of Eminem and Dr. Dre’s song of the same name.

The song “Prayer” that was also leaked has actually been on YouTube since late August. It also sounds the more complete of the two. “The price of being iconic was demonic and screwed,” Kendrick raps. “I stood on stage and had to watch my father on the news/Stress on the head of my spirit, I was lost and confused/I knew both sides of the story, but still I couldn’t choose/See, it was more than humiliation and being sued.”

The third and fourth songs “Somebody” leaked as well. A few weeks ago “Gotta Love Me” leaked as well. The song features Kendrick’s cousin and 2020 XXL Freshman Class member Baby Keem.

It is unknown if these were just old songs that didn’t make it on Kendrick’s last album, DAMN. Kendrick seems to do a pretty good job at keeping his songs from leaking but people are starving for new Kendrick music. We haven’t gotten any in a little over two years.

Last week, photos were taken of Kendrick filming a music video in Los Angeles. One photo had Kendrick talking on a payphone while sitting on a crate. The other photo had Kendrick at the beach suspended over water. It’s a long shot but maybe he’s filming the music video for “Prayer?” You never know.