Mo’nique Is Taking Her Son Shalon’s TikTok “In Stride,” She Claims At Event

Mo’Nique is still causing a social media and entertainment firestorm thanks to all her claims, responses, and grievances with her peers. Moreover, some like D.L. Hughley have already given up on trying to make amends with her, whereas others have yet to respond to her explosive comments as of late. However, one relationship that has been particularly difficult to witness amid all this is that with the stand-up comedian and actress’ eldest son Shalon. During a recent live event, which seemed to be part of the Katt Williams tour, she addressed these issues with the family once again.

“I’ll only apologize if I’ve done something wrong,” Mo’Nique began her remarks on her son Shalon’s critique of her parenting and alleged absence on TikTok. “But I ain’t no b***h that’s gon’ back up from a motherf***ing problem. I’ma walk straight to that motherf***er, and I’ma deal with that s**t. So today, I’m coming to the airport in New Jersey. It’s the realest n***as I’ve ever met from New Jersey. I’m coming to that motherf****ing airport, and I had just seen this motherf***ing TikTok. Of my goddamn son.

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Mo’Nique Addresses Shalon’s TikTok Again: Watch

“Had I known… I’ma let y’all take that one,” Mo’Nique continued. “And when you see your child that you f***ed for… I f***ed for that n***a. Not another b***h, it was me. You see your motherf***ing child go on the goddamn Internet and tell people all the f**k that you’re not, you’re supposed to take that s**t in stride. And I’m taking that s**t in stride. I’m walking to the motherf***ing north airport, and this elderly woman comes up to me.

“She says, ‘Mo’Nique?’ I said, ‘Ma’am?'” she concludes. “‘Cause I’m a respectful b***h. Baby, I’ma respect this b***h, she old! She said, ‘Let me talk to you for a minute.’ So I had prepared myself for this old woman to tell me how f***ed up I was. I prepared myself to be respectful, but to check a b***h if I had to. I prepared myself!” For more news and the latest updates on Mo’Nique, log back into HNHH.

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