Moneybagg Yo Has Already Made $1M in Shows in 2022

Back up the Brinks truck to Moneybagg Yo’s crib. The rapper has revealed that he already has cleared a million in show money in just the first week of 2022. “8 days into da new year I already brought in a million off shows,” Moneybagg Yo said in a tweet.

In some good health news, Moneybagg Yo revealed that he is passing on lean in the New Year. Also on Twitter, Moneybagg revealed that he will not use substances, specifically lean, when creating.

“I use to think being sober would fuck wit my creative process, I see dats just a mind thing cuz I been more active skin glowing and I been dropping nun but pressure,” Moneybagg Yo wrote. He would hashtag #NomoWockesha.