Metro Boomin Angrily Responds To Viral Video Of Him Sniffing Woman’s Fingers

Metro Boomin‘s Twitter is easily his most used social media platform, and one that’s resulted in plenty of viral moments so far. For example, his old tweets about J. Cole went viral after reports emerged that the two began to work together. But the legendary producer isn’t always very receptive to this Internet clout, especially as it relates to things about him that he doesn’t post himself. Moreover, he responded to a viral video of him sniffing a woman’s fingers at a cookout in annoyed and frustrated fashion. “If Young Metro don’t trust you, it ain’t good coochie,” the female in question captioned her post.

In the clip, Metro Boomin smells the woman’s index and middle fingers and nods approvingly. “I can’t even lie, can’t even lie,” he says in the video. “I was trying to focus in on the smell in my mind, but it’s just like, there wasn’t no smell.” “u so lame enjoy the clout,” the St. Louis native replied to the repost. “n***a you know it was just joke/skit that you agreed to do…” she responded. “this video went viral yrs ago ….. your ppl the one who sent it to me..” However, as much as this is a pretty cumbersome situation for him if his side of the story is the true one, it’s nothing compared to his distaste for misinformation.

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Metro Boomin Reacts To Viral Video Of Him Smelling Woman’s Fingers

Furthermore, Metro Boomin had previously used his Twitter this year to call out folks falsely speaking on YSL’s arrested attorney. For those unaware, authorities arrested Nicole Fegan, one of the collective’s legal representatives, for alleged gang activity. The “Feel The Fiyaaaah” beatsmith took issue with how folks were wrongly assuming that Fegan was a part of Young Thug‘s legal team, which is not the case. Whether it’s through his music, performances, or Internet watchdog shifts, he’s always going to defend Thugger.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old’s fans can also get very rowdy online, as a select few allegedly harassed a social media user over comments on anime. It’s something that he actually got roped into as well, which wasn’t the best look. But it’s all Internet drama at the end of the day, so it’s hard to know what’s really going on. For more news and the latest updates on Metro Boomin, log back into HNHH.

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