Meek Mill Reveals Nipsey Hussle Was Supposed to Be Featured on New Single, ‘Other Side of America’

Meek Mill released a new song today that amplifies the voices of ongoing protests against systemic racism and police brutality. The Philly emcee also touched on his personal experiences with police brutality.

Meek opens the song with President Trump’s audio dialogue speaking to black people saying, “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed – what the hell do you have to lose?”

The CHAMPIONSHIPS rapper talks about his upbringing and his latest prison stint in 2017. “Reporting live from the other side / Same corner where my brothers died,” he raps. “Living like we ain’t got care / Told my mama I ain’t dying here.

The song ends with audio of Meek talking to Michael Smerconish, a CNN radio host, asking “You see murder, you even see seven people die a week, I think you would carry a gun yourself. Would you?” Michael replies “Uh, yeah, I probably would, and the song ends.

Meek Mill revealed that Nipsey Hussle was supposed to be featured on the record, and we would love to hear what Nip would’ve had to say during these times.

Click here to listen to “Other Side of America.”