Matt Barnes Trends After Spitting Incident, People Bring Up Derek Fisher

There is reportedly trouble brewing for Matt Barnes following an altercation at a football game. The former NBA star was at the San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys game last weekend when he had an unfortunate run-in with his fiancée’s ex, footballer David Patterson Jr.

A video of the incident circulated, and in the brief clip, Barnes is seen spitting at Patterson. However, Barnes alleged that Patterson was the aggressor and instigated the confrontation.

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The All The Smoke podcast host also reportedly filed for a temporary restraining order, and in court documents, he detailed what happened.

Matt said Patterson “shoved me, and I was forced to push him off of me.” He accused Patterson of being “jealous of my relationship with his ex-wife.”

“I did not want the altercation to physically escalate further, and out of frustration with him seeking me out and his unrelenting repeated harassment I spit in his direction in disgust,” Barnes said.

Matt Barnes
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 30: Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims arrives at the Apple Original Films’ “Emancipation” Los Angeles Premiere at Regency Village Theatre on November 30, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)
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Matt additionally alleged that last year, Patterson threatened to shoot him. Barnes is reportedly being investigated for battery, said police.

As that case moves forward, people couldn’t help but revisit Barnes’s history with Derek Fisher. The Los Angeles Sparks coach is married to Barnes’s ex-wife, Glorida Govan.

In 2015, reports surfaced saying the baller drove 95 miles to beat up Fisher. After seeing this most recent encounter, social media users couldn’t help but toss out a few jokes.

Check out a few highlights below.