Man in Palisades Accuses SZA of Being a ‘Rioter’ Tries to Remove the Singer

New Jersey singer, SZA details how an encounter at the Palisades left her “in tears” after being racially profiled while trying to grocery shop.

“I’ve had the WEEIRDDESSST EXPERIENCES TODAY,” the singer tweeted. SZA shares that while shopping, she noticed a man approached a store employee.

“Another random ass man tried to remove me from a plaza In palisades while attempting to buy dog food for fear I was a ‘rioter’.”

“Lol He asked the grocery employee if he was ‘okay’ after watching him speak w me then told me 2 leave,” the Grammy-nominated singer continued.

SZA confirmed to one of her fans that the singer was indeed, white in response to the fan’s tweet.

“Between the ‘lock and load’ rhetoric on my neighborhood app + being rushed out of a public space for being considered a rioter …I was in tears. couldn’t even jump up and down how I wanted cause I didn’t wanna look like a “rioter” to the legion of cops across the street. Smh,” she added.

“And in that moment I realized I cared more about the white gaze than my own humanity .. I was sad for me . I don’t wanna live like that no more . I wanna cry and yell if I need to .. no guilt trip,” SZA continued.

This would not be the singer’s first experience with getting racially profiled. Last year, the singer blasted one of Sephora’s store locations for having a “Sandy Sephora” that ruined the singer’s shopping experience once accusing her of stealing from the store and calling security.

To end the detailed experience, at the Palisades, SZA tweeted “THIS SH*T NOT FAIR !!!!UUUGGHHHHHY VERY IMMATURE RESPONSE VERY MUCH HOW IT IS.”