Madonna Accused Of Child Trafficking In Malawi

Several reports have confirmed that Pop icon Madonna is being accused of human trafficking and sexually exploiting children by a charity organization called the Ethiopian World Federation. The company website states that the EWF is “a civic service organization that pushes policies and advocates to change the laws that harm Black People.”

Madonna adopted four small children from Malawi, a country located in southeast Africa. In 2006, the “Material Girl” founded a charity called Raising Malawi, a not-for-profit organization that seeks to support orphans and at-risk children through health and education programs.

The group alleges that Madonna used her Malawian adopted son, David Banda, “for sexual exploitation and social experiments.” The petition cites the photos of David wearing women’s clothes, makeup, and jewelry. The EWF also claims that Madonna made false statements that David’s dad was absent when she applied for adoption.


Madonna’s camp has yet to comment on these allegations.