LL Cool J Delivers Intense Freestyle About George Floyd’s Death and Racial Injustice

LL Cool J concluded one of 2020’s most eventful weekends with a freestyle highlighting the death of George Floyd and overall racial injustice against Black people in America. The passionate freestyle follows a brief moment of controversy based on a tweet he wrote about biracial families.

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“For 400 years you had your knees on our necks,” LL Cool J rapped as he leads the freestyle with a reference and connection between slavery and the death of George Floyd.

In pure grunt style, he continued to drops bars with lines grabbing mentions about the recent acts of looting, “Becky” hate crimes and police brutality.

The Radio rapper proceeded onto a play on words, ultimately molding a moment of recognition for those who have lost their lives to an act of violent radical injustice.

“Sandra wasn’t Bland/They hated Mike ’cause he’s brown/Trayvon should’ve had an Aston Martin riding around/Amadou Diallo, its way to many to follow”

George Floyd

“He cried for his mama as the murder unfold/If it wasn’t for them phones, Chauvin would be at home/Feeling justified because of George skin tone/I’m telling it those with melanin you’re not alone/The new Malcolm, Martin and Marcuses are now grown/America is a graveyard full of Black men’s bones…”

On Breyonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Tamir Rice

“And I ain’t got to tell you that Breyonna Taylor got slain in her own home/had they lived sure I could’ve rocked bells/Eric could have garnered attention beyond the t-shirts and obituary mentions/Oscar could’ve been counting grants/Tamir could have went to Rice/They don’t owe them cops nothing but all of them paid they price.

He concluded the freestyle with bars concerning being Black in America and sealed the piece with a strong, “Black Lives Matter.”

On Saturday, May 30, the Hip-Hop icon faced a brief moment of controversy based on a tweet where he questioned the wellness of biracial families.

“Imagine how people raising bi racial children feel right now!!!!!! This is crazy!!!!!!,” LL tweeted.

Followers who did not see eye to eye with LL expressed their discernment on social media this weekend, making him a trending topic. He later addressed the comments in an on hour and fifteen minute long Instagram live video where he clarified the meaning of the tweet.

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“First off, I made a statement. Imagine how biracial families must feel right now with what’s going on. That has nothing to do with how I feel about how Black men are treated in this country,” he said.

LL’s freestyle follows the lengthy IG Live as he continues to join many celebrities as they lend their voices to the nationwide call for justice for George Floyd.