Lil Yachty Fights Fan Over His Drake & Kendrick Lamar Beef Comments: “Suck A D**k”

Lil Yachty can’t seem to catch a break, as whatever he does regarding comments about the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef are bound to land him in some form of hot water. Moreover, now that the battle seems to be over, most reasonable people are accepting and receptive of debate, different perspectives, and hot takes, especially when they don’t come from an overtly biased place. But one massive Drizzy fan took issue with the Atlanta creative showing respect to K.Dot, and allegedly trying to play both sides while claiming neutrality. Despite being a good friend of The Boy’s, Yachty took serious issue with this regardless.

“Lil Yachty also thinks that the song where someone calls his so called brother, a certified PEDOPHILE multiple times, is BANGING!!!!” the fan wrote on Twitter. “u making s**t what it’s not, everybody and they mama kno what side I’m on,” Yachty responded. “U fans be over doin s**t. I didn’t go into any specifics of the songs. Stop tryna spin narrative.” “man get the fck off my face with this BS,” the fan replied. “i simply reposted your OWN WORDS – you said you don’t think drake won or lost, you have respect for the guy who called him a certified pedophile & said that song is banging. what kind of friend are you? you stayed silent watching your friend’s character get attacked, you actually made it worse with that interview. PICK A SIDE OR SHUT UP.

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Lil Yachty Bickers With Fan Over Drake & Kendrick Lamar Beef

“Suck a d**k nerd,” Lil Yachty clapped back. “it wasn’t my beef to speak in. f**k u want me to do? Jump on a feature? I said I felt like nobody won. The whole thing was stupid to begin with. When I support him I’m d**k riding, when I dont say s**t i switched up. This internet s**t is so lame. Can’t win. nobody knows u.” “you are absolutely shameless,” the fan retorted. “‘loyalty is priceless & that’s all i need.’ no because what side are you on actually? you literally said you don’t think drake won or lost & that you have respect for both him & kendrick. how are you trying to stay neutral when your so called brother has been called a pedophile by the same guy you say you respect?

“the whole world is against him & the only time you said something you made him look bad,” the fan continued against Lil Yachty. “what kind of friend are you? bruh i can’t take this dude seriously lmfaoooo it wasn’t your beef to speak on then why’d you go on an interview just to say you respect the same guy who called your brother a pedophile? & say his song where he screams certified pedophile repeatedly- banging? if you want to stay neutral keep that same energy all the way & shut up. you’re being dense on purpose & we see right through you p***y.”

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