Lil Wayne Says His Net Worth Online Is Fake!

While the internet seems to have the ability to answer every question you may have, it’s also important to separate the real from the fake. With this being said, it seems the net worths of these major celebrities might not be entirely true. Plus, how can you really scale one’s net worth anyways?

Insert Lil Wayne, who definitely shared his two cents on the matter. The “A Milli” rapper recently did an interview with Culture Millennials, speaking about how he “doesn’t have a cent close to” the number listed on Google.

Wayne explains, “Honestly, I’ma let everybody know now: when you go check a motherfucker’s net worth and that shit be saying some crazy numbers, I don’t have a cent close to that shit. I don’t have that, but I guess they be meaning that’s what I’m worth. So I be always calling my agent and being like, ‘I’m telling you, bro, I’m gonna fire the shit out of you ’cause I don’t need you.’ I Googled that, you know what I mean? I’m a zillion dollar n*gga on Google bro.”


He continues, “They smart. They know what they talking about. It’s motivation, that’s all. It’s just motivation.”

While Lil Wayne may be swimming in money, he keeps it real by saying he doesn’t have that kind of bread in real life. Regardless, Wayne’s whole career should motivate anyone chasing their dream to work hard and always remain true to themselves.

This is interesting as now we wonder if Jay-Z’s net worth is actually true. Forbes recently reported Hov’s net worth to be $2.5 billion, which nearly doubled compared to the previous year of $1.4 billion. 

Either way, we definitely should stop believing Google regarding celebrities’ net worth!