Lil Uzi Vert Denies Rumors That He’s Supporting Satan

If you had the chance to see Lil Uzi Vert perform at Rolling Loud Los Angeles, you know it was a movie. However, the Philadelphia native left some pondering on what exactly was the message he was trying to convey during the set. Uzi rocked an all-red outfit with spiked hair and yellow and blue contacts in his eyes.

As seen on The Source’s Instagram, Uzi’s performance of “I Just Wanna Rock” had the entire festival hyped. But there was also some backlash that he was supporting the devil, given the crosses and mannequins behind him.

During his set, Uzi debuted a new song called “I make a City Girl believe in Satan.” Summer Walker caught wind of the song, and shared her two cents on her Instagram story.


Summer Walker posted a clip of Uzi’s performance, plugging the new song title and stating, “I Be genuinely curious have these people ever seen or heard a demon before..? Or it’s just a trend cause I feel like if you have you’d stop playin..really nothing funny or cute about it. May God be with y’all.”

TMZ caught up with Uzi while out in Beverly Hills, California, first inquiring about when fans can receive his forthcoming album titled Pink Tape, in which Uzi responds, “I’m gonna drop it.. I probably got two more months.”

They then asked if “I make a City Girl believe in Satan” will be on the project, in which he confirms yes.

Uzi explains, “Not actually Satan, but basically I make a girl do whatever I say so.”

When asked what his girlfriend JT (CityGirls) thinks of the lyrics, Uzi responds, “She really didn’t think too much of it. She was there when she heard me make the song, she knows what I really meant.”

After confirming the song was not actually about Satan, Uzi confirms he doesn’t pay attention to whatever narrative gets picked up by social media.

“I don’t even really pay attention to them even saying that. I just say whatever I want in my songs, it’s my freedom of speech. I come from a real religious household,  but me finally living my life and being an adult, I say anything I want to say. Even if I offend people, I don’t mean to offend people. But if they don’t like it, they have the option to turn it off.” 

Uzi also confirmed he does not believe in Satan, and jokes that he’ll keep his braces in forever.