Lil Pump Facing $1.6M Tax Lien Against His Miami Home

Lil Pump did not give the IRS money owed from his “Gucci Gang” days and now is accused of owing Uncle Sam $1.6 million.

Radar Online reports Lil Pump, born Gazzy Garcia, was hit with a massive federal tax lien, which was laid against his $5 million Miami mansion. If Pump fails to pay the $1.6 million, the property will be seized.

In April, Pump was hit with a tax lien for 2019 taxes where he owed just over $89,000 for the year.

In 2020, the “Gucci Gang” rapper hit Instagram and revealed he is the father of a toddler.

How did he announce this son? “Baby momma ain’t shit won’t let me see my son #fathers right,” he scribed in the caption.

Could it be a troll? Not hardly. XXL points out the child has an Instagram of his own. Don’t forget to add Pump to your Father’s Day Twitter wishes.