Lil Durk Sends Valentine’s Day Message to India Royale, “Let It Go” She Responds on Twitter

Lil Durk wants India Royale back, but that feeling may not be reciprocated. Durkio wrote a Valentine’s message on Instagram to his once fiancee, throwing in Future’s “I Won” as a supporting track.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman that made me a man,” Durk wrote. “I love you @indiaroyale”

And then India let off a couple of tweets, one simply reading, “Let it go.”


Durkio doubled back with “I post cause I want to” and “The internet don’t run Durk.” Both messages seemingly talk to fans. But Durk would end up deleting his message to India. However, screenshots are forever. You can see it all below.

Durk and India were engaged in Dec. 2021. By Sept. 2022, India said she was a free agent.