Lil Baby Partners With AXE To Create WHAXE Pack

Today, AXE and award-winning artist Lil Baby have announced their partnership which includes limited-edition WHAXE Packs – a curated selection of products inspired by Lil Baby and AXE – as well as a new Fresh as Fr*sh ad campaign.  

The limited-edition WHAXE packs will include a WHAXE Apollo x Lil Baby Deodorant Stick and Body Wash, a blinged-out WHAXE four-finger ring and a WHAXE branded toothbrush to ensure fans’ diamond encrusted WHAXE items stay fresh. The packs will be available via social media and details on how fans can get their hands on one will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Along with the limited-edition WHAXE pack, the two partnered on a new Fresh as Fr*sh ad campaign which fans can watch HERE. The ad follows a young man as he cruises with Lil Baby and goes on adventures throughout the day. Thanks to AXE — the guy stays fresh through it all and the possibilities feel endless.