Lakeith Stanfield DM’s Omarion: “You Ruining Christmas for Everybody”

COVID-19 has been a topic of concretion since March 2020. It seems as if right when numbers begin to go down, a new variant arises. Now it’s the Omicron variant, which is supposedly more transmittable than the Delta variant, but not as deadly.

Since news of the new variant came about, the internet, of course, could not go without noticing how it bears a similar name to the BK2 singer Omarion. Numerous jokes and memes have come about referring to the new variant as the “Omarion variant.” Actor Lakeith Stanfield even tried his hand at a joke, DM’ing Omarion and telling him that he’s ruining Christmas for everybody.

“You ruining Christmas for everybody smh,” he DM’ed Omarion. Laketith posted the message to his Instagram, with the caption “I’m weak I wonder if he’s gonna respond.”

Omarion has his ear to the culture and knows that people are calling the new variant the “Omarion variant.” He took Stanfield’s joke lightly, sharing a meme of the name switch on his Instagram with the caption  “I can’t stand y’all. Happy holidays. Sea moss up. Plant base up. Sun light up. Sending love & healing energy to all. #omicron not #Omarion.”

In more serious news, the Omicron variant has caused breakthrough infections in vaccinated people. Doctors are stressing the importance of booster shots, as the boosters help prevent hospitalizations and major symptoms from the variant.