Kyrie Irving Hit With Massive Boos In Boston

Kyrie Irving is one of those players that creates all sorts of polarizing reactions. Some fans love him, while others absolutely hate him with a burning passion. Overall, it is simply because Irving isn’t afraid to speak about what he believes. Although it gets him into trouble sometimes, Irving continues to use his platform the way he wants. Additionally, some of the decisions he has made pertaining to his career have rubbed people the wrong way. The best example of this can be found when talking about none other than the Boston Celtics.

When Kyrie left that team, he had initially led them on to believe that he would absolutely be coming back to the franchise. Of course, that is not what happened. Instead, he teamed up with Kevin Durant on the Brooklyn Nets. So far, that has not gone as planned as the team has yet to make it out of the second round. However, that promises to change this year as the Nets have shown tremendous growth with both superstars on the floor. Unfortunately, KD is now injured, and when Kyrie plays his old team, he goes into the game severely overmatched.

Kyrie Gets The Boston Experience

Last night, Kyrie and the Nets tried to take on the Celtics, in Boston. Over the course of the year, the Celtics have looked like the best team in the league. On Wednesday night, they showcased that as they blew the Nets out of the water. They won 139-96, and even had a 46-16 lead following the first quarter. Overall, it was a pretty bad game for the Nets. Furthermore, it was not a great welcome for Kyrie, who was booed incessantly by fans. It was pretty hard for him to hear anything other than those boos during the warmup.

While it was a bad night for Kyrie, he should still keep his head up. Durant could be returning to the lineup soon, and when he does, the Nets will immediately become a solid squad again. Some even believe that this team could go on to win an NBA title, however, that remains to be seen. Let us know what you think of Boston’s treatment of Kyrie, in the comments below.