Kota The Friend Pens A Cute & Vibey Love Story With “PNW”

Kota the Friend is one of the most consistently sound rappers right now. While he might not be getting the same love as some of the top-tier lyricists, his pen game is among the best in the modern era. The Brooklyn, New York native recently expanded his Lyrics to GO series with the fifth installment at the end of January. It was another solid entry for Kota the Friend and today he is back with a new single “PNW.”

This single is a delicate love story that sees Kota wanting to stick around with a love interest even through all of her changes. Another layer behind “PNW” or “Pacific Northwest,” is that this woman can be complicated just like the weather in the region. The final fun detail about this single is that it dropped March 19, which is also the first day of spring, a change in the seasons. Kota is always incorporating some cool concepts to his music and this is another example of that.

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Listen To “PNW” By Kota The Friend

In terms of the meat and potatoes of “PNW,” Kota is bringing some excellent yet simple writing that allows the listener to easily follow the story. The beat is equally simplistic, and it fits the environment that he is trying to create. The music video is the cherry on top as he held a private listening session for “PNW” for fans in Oregon, which also ties into the title. He wound up filming the reactions and turned it into a music video. Again, Kota is one of the best in the business and this proves it.

What are your thoughts on this brand-new single, “PNW,” by Kota the Friend? Is this one of his best storytelling tracks ever, why or why not? Where do you rank this song in his 2024 catalog? Do you think another album is on the way? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Kota the Friend. Finally, stay with us for the most informative song posts throughout the week.

Quotable Lyrics:

Give a f*** what you had did, brought your storm into my crib
Damn, girl
But I love watching your sunrise, your glow hard to come by
And that make it all worth it, we all get lost sometimes
But maybe you all perfect, crazy how love dies
They like your fall version, I want you year-round

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