Kelis Reveals She and Her Kids ‘Almost Fell Off a Cliff’ in California Snowstorm

It’s been a rather snowing season in California this year, and it’s impacting its citizens heavily. One of which is Kelis, who hit Instagram to reveal she nearly fell off a cliff after her truck got stuck in the snow.

“My truck got stuck. It’s like hanging off a cliff now,” Kelis said. “It’s crazy how the tow truck actually made it.”

She added, “We’ve been outside for a while, but we had all our snowboarding gear so God is good, and I figured if you’re going to be in this situation, you should at least look your best.”


In the caption, Kelis revealed she had the plan to take her kids into the snow and have a good time, “but we almost fell off a cliff.”

You can hear it from Kelis below.