Keke Palmer Alleges Discrimination At Airport Over Breast Milk

Any mother out there knows that pumping breast milk for your child can be an arduous task, and one that airport security seems to have little regard for according to Keke Palmer. Moreover, the entertainer recently claimed on Twitter that she was a victim of “breast milk discrimination” at a Houston airport. According to TSA regulations and what we know of her testimony, it seems that the issue arose from the amount of breast milk permitted in carry-on baggage. Currently, quantities greater than 100 milliliters can pass through carry-ons just fine, yet she faced some pushback at the screening.

“Breast milk discrimination at the Houston airport ruined my mood,” Keke Palmer shared. “I should’ve popped my tit out right then because the discretion and comfort of pumping is thwarted with threats to throw out over 16oz my babies food?!?!!! Why is that not a crime?? I’M A MOTHER for crying out loud,” she concluded with some crying emojis. For those unaware, Palmer just recently became a mother, giving birth to her son with Darius Jackson, Leodis, back in February of this year.

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Keke Palmer Calls Out Airport For Almost Making Her Throw Out Breast Milk

In other news, the 29-year-old recently released her first album in over a decade, Big Boss, which is also a visual album and her directorial debut. One of the many themes discussed on the album is the issue of sexual assault, abuse, and violent culture in the music industry, which she expanded on in an interview with People magazine. “We know bad things happen in all of them, but it’s almost like the acting world represents a union and the music industry represents non-union,” Keke Palmer remarked. “It’s happening in the actor world but eventually, it’s going to come to a damn halt. Somebody’s going to get called out. Something’s going to happen. At some point, we’re going to come to some kind of understanding.

“With music, it’s like everybody is being paid, and everybody’s a crooked cop,” she continued. “So, it seems like nothing will ever really come to a head. It almost feels like it’s a coming-of-age story for a woman. Being a woman is like, ‘Damn, the biggest mistake you can make is trusting somebody.’ Damn, I just shouldn’t have trusted someone? I wish that there was more that we could do. But it seems like we can’t even really expect for people to respect our boundaries.” For the latest updates and news on Keke Palmer’s many endeavors, check back inn with HNHH.

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