Kanye Claims That Drake and Jay-Z Make Him Look ‘Crazy’ By Refusing to Talk to Him

Despite being relatively quiet these last couple of years, it seems as if Ye is taking the time to set some things straight in his Drink Champs interview.

Drake was a focal talking point in part 1 of the nearly 4 hour long combined interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. Ye spoke about how he loved Drake and summed up their back and forth as being “the sport of rap.” However, Ye is still hung up on Drizzy’s verse in “Sicko Mode” where Drake possibly alludes to killing him.

In part 2 of the Drink Champs interview, Ye continues to talk about Drake but also brings Jay-Z in the mix when talking about how the two entertainers make him “look crazy” by ignoring him.

“If I have a conversation that Jay don’t want to have, he gonna avoid the conversation. If I have a conversation that Drake don’t wanna have about ‘what did this line right here mean?’ he gonna avoid the conversation. I’m like, ‘Y’all avoid the conversation,’ I’ll say it out loud, I’m now the crazy one.”

Do you think Jay-Z and Drake are purposely ducking Kanye?

This is just one of many clips from the interview circulating around social media. Elsewhere in the interview, Ye admitted to “bootlegging” OnlyFans content by using Reddit. Rubi Rose, who used to make OnlyFans content before her big break, even reacted to Ye’s comments.

“Let me find out Kanye watching me on Reddit,” Rose tweeted.