Kai Cenat Has Been Streaming For Over 100 Consecutive Hours: Here’s Why

Kai Cenat is one of the biggest Twitch streamers on the entire planet. Overall, he has been occupying that top spot for a few years now. He knows how to connect with the youth, and he has been able to build a fanbase organically. Furthermore, he is known for linking up with massive artists and having some legendary streams. At this point, it is undeniable what Cenat means to Twitch. He continues to push the envelope, and his latest stream is a good example of what he can do.

A week ago, Cenat revealed that he would be livestreaming his attempt at beating Elden Ring. It is an incredibly difficult video game, and Cenat was giving himself 100 hours to complete it. However, the catch is that he cannot stop streaming, no matter what. If he needs to sleep, he must sleep on stream. Moreover, if the 100 hours pass and he still hasn’t beaten the game, he has to keep going. Well, it has been 100 hours and Cenat is nowhere near finished. He is currently at 113-hour mark, and can be found napping at this very second.

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Kai Cenat Challenges Himself

When the 100-hour mark hit, Cenat was a bit discouraged. However, this is a great time for his Twitch career as the ad revenue and subscribers keep rolling in. That said, this has to be exhausting for him, and we’re sure he is eager for this to be over and done with. He has died over 1000 times in the game, and he may be in for another 1000 deaths. Only time will tell when he finally conquers this game.

Let us know what you think of this stream, in the comments section down below. Do you believe that Cenat is going to be able to beat the game anytime soon? Is this going to take another 100 hours or can he get this done faster? Have you beat Elden Ring? If so, let us know how hard it was. Additionally, stay tuned for more news and updates from around the entertainment world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite personalities and their upcoming projects.

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