Julio Foolio Boast Gunshot Wound On Instagram After Claiming He Dodged 100 Shots

Julio Foolio is known for gun violence in his hometown Jacksonville, Florida, and he recently had to deal with it the other day when his “opps” tried to kill him. On Sunday (Nov. 7), Julio took to his Instagram Story to let fans know of the situation he found himself in and how he couldn’t be taken out.

In the post shared to his Story, Julio Foolio shows off the wound he received on his ankle after being grazed by a bullet in the alleged shootout. He also gives fans a perfect view of the unloaded gun he used to shoot back at the person.

“On treyd I got right in slides emptyed my whole clip u boys goofies I’m not dead so stop fakin for the internet,” Foolio wrote in his since-deleted Instagram Story.”

The 22-year-old rapper returned with another IG Storyclaiming his enemy unloaded at least 100 bullets at him, with each one missing its target. He later claimed his survival was a result of voodoo and black magic.

There is no public information on who shot at Julio Foolio, but fans don’t agree with how he put his business out on social media and incriminated himself so freely. Several people criticized the new generation for wanting to advertise every second of their day for the world to see in the comment section of SayCheeseTV comment section of their post of the incident.