Joyner Lucas Releases “Isis” Remix with Winners of Tully Rising Rappers Competition

The remix of Joyner Lucas‘ platinum-selling hit “Isis” is now available and it includes four contestants who were chosen from a competition that was first launched in May by his startup Tully.

Joyner offered budding independent artists the option to remix his platinum-selling song, by downloading the “Isis” beat, recording a verse, and sharing it on the app. The remix of the Boston native’s breakthrough song is now available on all major digital service providers. He chose Tone Catra: @catra609, Lex Bratcher: @lexbratcher, Starringo: @iamstarringo, and Kvng Moses: @1kvngmoses.

The goal of Lucas and Dhruv Joshi’s 2015 co-founding of Tully was to use technology to streamline the production of music. The two collaborated to create tools that directly contributed to Joyner’s success as an independent musician, and they are now disseminating these tools to more musicians so that they can maintain complete control over their musical careers. Tully offers a 360-degree array of tools for artists to manage and advance their careers, including guided workflows, structured asset management, templated industry contracts, publishing, and licensing support.

Tully offers more than just music distribution; it also has administrative tools for saving contracts and split sheets, as well as songwriting programs for musicians to play, compose, and record music. Lucas, an independent artist himself, uses a smartphone app that offers all of these capabilities. Independent musicians will be able to obtain royalty-free beats through Tully, own digital copyrights to their works, and more. They will also be able to get 100% of their royalties.

Sony Music Entertainment announced a significant investment into Tully back in April 2020, at the height of the pandemic, and announced an increase of features for the end of that year.

You can hear the new single below.