Jonathan Majors Says Driver and Nightclub Footage Will Prove His Innocence in Domestic Violence Case

Jonathan Majors and his team are working overtime in an effort to clear his name after being arrested for domestic violence in March.

Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry filed court docs stating the man driving the actor and the alleged victim would testify in support of Majors and “she was attempting to steal his phone.” TMZ notes The driver reportedly would testify that he didn’t strike the alleged victim nor “raised his voice.” The driver also states the woman was seen “hitting, scratching, and attacking” the actor before he asked for the car to be stopped.

The woman stated her injuries included a broken finger and a laceration, but video from inside a nightclub later the same day proves the injuries were not that serious. In addition, the woman reportedly got drunk in the nightclub and used the hand she stated was injured.


The woman allegedly also text majors with threats of suicide and blaming him for infidelity. After her night of clubbing, the woman arrived at Majors’s home after 3 a.m. and called 32 times, leaving behind angry text messages. Majors returned home to find the woman in his bed and had thrown up, leading to his 911 call. Majors’ attorney says body camera footage will show officers coaching her to say he grabbed her by the throat.

Jonathan Majors is headed for court on May 8 for his domestic violence case. A new report from Variety states multiple victims of abuse by Majors are now cooperating with the Manhattan district attorney’s office following the actor’s March arrest.

The news of more victims coming to speak against Majors follows being dropped by his public relations and management firms earlier this week.

The troubles for Majors began on March 25 when Majors was arrested in the Chelsea neighborhood for strangulation, assault and harassment. His attorney, Priya Chaudhry, stated she is “confident that he will be fully exonerated.” Chaudhry’s husband is currently working for Majors in crisis management.

In addition to his firms, Majors will be replaced in numerous films and campaigns. It was noted Majors would step down from the Gotham Film and Media Institute and Sidney Poitier Intitiative. Other projects that may be in jeopardy are Avengers movies, which would be a $20 million per film venture, projects with Will Smith and Spike Lee, a role as Dennis Rodman, and a collaborative effort with Disney, which the company planned to push Majors as a Best Actor candidate.