Jonathan Majors Reveals He And Meagan Good Are “In Love,” Fans React

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good recently stepped out for a rare public appearance at the AAFCA Special Achievement Honorees Luncheon in Los Angeles on Saturday (March 3). Moreover, when Extra TV asked them how their relationship was holding up, the former said that they’re “in love” as his answer, whereas the latter remarked, “We’re doing great; God is good” as they laughed and thanked the reporter for their answer. This follows the actor breaking his silence on his harassment and assault convictions in early January of this year. As such, many fans reacted wildly to this on Twitter, either in support of the couple or skeptically referencing his situation.

“The industry snatched his appeal right along with his freedom to star in any more movies…” one fan posited concerning Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good on Twitter. Another added, “I’m really happy for them,” whereas a user expressed pessimism over their future together. “Well now that his career is over let’s see how long g she stays ‘in love,'” they shared on the social media platform. Whatever side you fall on here, it will be interesting to see how their public image continues to evolve and grow.

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Jonathan Majors & Meagan Good Speak On Their Relationship: Watch

Unfortunately for them, when it comes to this matter, it seems like there will be some tough obstacles to be accountable for. For example, two of Jonathan Majors’ former partners recently came forward with new allegations of abuse, physical and emotional, against him. Apparently, their testimonies previously appeared in a Rolling Stone article about the initial explosions of accusations against him. But in a new interview with The New York Times, both women went public with their stories and doubled down on them.

Meanwhile, the Creed III entertainer is keeping his religious faith amid his guilty verdict and using it to forge a path forward. At least, that’s how he recently explained his situation to a TMZ paparazzi who caught up with him back in January. No matter how this couple chooses to handle the situation moving forward, it will be a tough road that they seem committed to traveling together. For more news and the latest updates on Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good, log back into HNHH.

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