Jon Zherka Offers Adam22 To Fight Jason Luv For Him, Then Realizes Hilarious Fact

Adam22 is not on the best of terms with Jason Luv, for reasons that you probably know already but have gotten too tired of in the news cycle to remember. Moreover, the two adult film actors beefed over the latter making a film with the former’s wife Lena The Plug- or rather, how Luv spoke about it afterwards. Regardless of that spicy premise, it’s important to note that if they ever had to face off in person, Adam’s got a height and strength disadvantage at first glance. However, at least he has people willing to back him up. Furthermore, during an interview with Jon Zherka, the social media influencer told the No Jumper host that he would fight Luv in his stead.

If you don’t know who Jon Zherka is, congrats: you’ve avoided another Andrew Tate-type character online, at least until now. Despite his other controversial statements and the like on race, religion, gender, and more, they didn’t really focus on that in this clip. That aside, Zherka asked Adam22 if he gets along with Jason Luv and spoke on their feud a little bit. But when he realized that the actor is bigger than he is, according to Adam, he hilariously bowed out on the spot.

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Jon Zherka Wants To Defend Adam22 Against Jason Luv- Or Does He?

“We don’t know what to do exactly, because, in my mind, there’s a code,” Adam22 told TMZ of their beef. “If you see someone having a hard time on set, you don’t say something about that. Like, if somebody’s trying to stay hard, you don’t go and do a podcast the next day. In much the same way, I feel like it’s out of line for him to do an interview and basically be contrasting and comparing his meat to my meat. It seems like it’s in kind of bad taste to me.

“She had a good time on set and everything,” Adam continued, referring to his wife. “She had a good relationship with him in terms of putting the content out and planning and everything. Now she’s pissed. She don’t wanna film content with him anymore, because we were talking about doing me, him, and [Lena] together in a scene. That’s out the window, I don’t know.” For more news on these and other Internet personalities, check back in with HNHH.

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