John Gabbana Says “It’s Cool To Be Muslim Now”

John Gabbana, previously known as Boonk Gang, says that celebrities are converting to Islam because it’s trendy. Gabbana, who converted to Christianity years ago, explained his opinion in a rant on social media, Friday.

“I’m starting to see celebrities convert to Islam like it’s a trend,” he began. “It’s cool to be Muslim now. I’m curious on one thing. What’s drawing y’all to Islam? Do y’all know there’s no miraculous information that Mohammed was even a prophet? He didn’t even write the Koran. Check this out: the Koran was gathered and put together 600 years after the events of Christianity. Now, why would we take a document written 600 years later to tell us what happened to Jesus when we have eyewitness testimonies to tell us what happened to Jesus? It’s called the New Testament. It’s in your Bible. And the Muslim would claim the Bible is corrupt except where it helps their theology. Islam is not the true world religion. Christianity is.”

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John Gabbana Attends Documentary Premiere

AUSTELL, GEORGIA – AUGUST 12: John Gabbana attends the I Am John Gabbana documentary premiere at Riverside EpiCenter on August 12, 2022 in Austell, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Expectedly, Gabbana quickly began receiving backlash for the post. In the caption, he wrote: “Following Jesus FR comes w real persecution. I ain’t seen nun of dese ppl get as much hate and rejection as I do for sharing one’s faith.” Check out Gabbana’s post on Instagram below.

John Gabbana Calls Christianity “The True World Religion”

As followers continued to criticize him for the statement, he added in a follow-up post: “Instead of commenting foolishness under my post, grab you a pen n paper and start taking notes. U can learn a lot from watching n observing, stop always tryna be da one heard. Ya digg.” Be on the lookout for further updates on John Gabbana on HotNewHipHop.

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