Jim Jones Says ‘I’m Pissed Off I’m Not As Dope’ as Kanye West

Kanye’s Drink Champs interview is still making waves despite coming out almost two months ago. Ye has been met with both praise and criticism for the interview, and recently, Jim Jones has shared his praise of the artist and fashion designer as well.

While speaking with Nessa for Hot 97, Jones spoke on working with Kanye, his Drink Champs interview, and praised Ye for what he has done in the fashion industry.

“Kanye actually did a freestyle for me on the Sizzurp mixtape that I had,” Jones recalled. “They would have every closet that they had filled up with sneaker boxes, stacked. Nike boxes like, ”What size you wear, Jim?! Take what you want! Just don’t take the Jordans.’… They were on it for so long.”

He then went on to give Ye his flowers for the impact he has had in the fashion industry.

“And just watching him put so much into fashion, like, it’s a big difference between splashin’ and fashion, is what I want people to know. I’m on the splashin’ side. That’s what I do, I drip. Kanye is on the fashion side. I want people to understand that there’s a big difference,” said Jones. “I might not wear ninety percent of the shit Kanye wears because it’s fashion. I don’t understand that.”

Jones added that he and Ye complimented each other for the trends they set. However, Ye was able to take it “to a whole other level” because he figured out how to monetize it.

“He might not get into ninety percent of the things that I [do], but we both compliment each other for what we set, the trends that we did set moving forward, and what we did for fashion moving forward. It’s like, an equal thing, but he done took it to a whole other level, ‘cause he figured out how to monetize it and make billions of dollars off of it which we all should be able to do because we all have that power and we in that creative space.

Jones concluded by calling Kanye an “evil genius” and despite making fun of Kanye. He added that he’s also kind of mad because he’s not “as dope as he [Kanye] is.”

You can check out the interview below.