Jada Kingdom Clowns Stefflon Don On Instagram Live: Watch

Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don remain locked in the hip-hop and dancehall beef battlefield, both on wax and on social media. While fans are still debating who “won” in this situation between the two, apparently stemming from their previous romantic links to Burna Boy, they are also giving plenty of ammo for both bases to use. Moreover, Jada recently hopped on Instagram Live to troll a little bit by playing one of Stefflon’s diss tracks against her, “Dead Gyal Talking,” which is the “sequel” to “Dead Gyal Walking.” Overall, it seemed like she was just having some fun playing the track, perhaps as a way to suggest a victory lap.

Furthermore, most of this feud manifested in the form of diss tracks from one artist to another. Not only that, but they grew deeply personal, and fans wonder whether it’s even possible for this to clear up or die down in the coming months. For example, Jada Kingdom previously dropped “Steff Lazarus,” in which she accused Stefflon Don of sacrificing her family for the fame. The Birmingham MC denied any and all claims, whereas the Jamaican singer stood by her allegations.

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Jada Kingdom Plays Stefflon Don’s Diss Track On IG Live: Watch

However, these aren’t the only two players that entered the court in this feud, although they are the main pieces. Asian Doll recently stepped in to defend Stefflon Don and make some scandalous and combative remarks of her own. For one, she blasted Jada Kingdom on Twitter, who fired back with some presumptions about her, and kept the fire up with one response after another. We’ll see if more celebrities start picking sides in this spat, although it seems far too personal and un-impactful to do so.

Meanwhile, we know at least one artist wants this beef to end, and that’s none other than Sean Paul. He recently called for a ceasefire in the back-and-forth disses, a plea that we’ll see very soon if it actually ends up manifesting. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes these artists’ claim to 2024 fame. On that note, check back in with HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don.

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