Jack Harlow Marvels at Headlining a Festival Where He Once Watched Outkast Perform

Jack Harlow will be the headliner of Forecastle Festival in his hometown of Louisville, KY. Following the announcement, Jack Harlow shared the line-up on his Instagram story and celebrated being on a show where he once went to see his heroes, Outkast.

“Grew up going to this festival,” Harlow wrote. “Saw Outkast here. Headlining is a genuinely a dream come true.”

Last week, Jack Harlow asked for assistance in locating an officer who assaulted a woman attempting to enter his show. Harlow shared a video of the incident online with the desire for the officer “to lose his job so f*cking fast.”

“This video came to my attention a few hours ago,” Harlow wrote on Instagram. “When I watched it I was disgusted by that cop and all I wanted to do was make something good happen for this girl immediately…I told the world to help me identify her so I could find a way to give her a hug and give her as many tickets to as many shows as she wants. But that’s not enough and its not a solution to a systemic issue that people who don’t look like me have to face.”

You can see the video he is referring to here.