Jack Harlow Acknowledges the “Certain Responsibility” He Has a White Rapper

Jack Harlow is currently enjoying landing a new partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken, but the rapper is not letting his success blind him of his social responsibility.

Speaking with Billboard, Harlow reflected on working with Lil Nas X and would go on to acknowledge his presence in Hip-Hop as a white man.

“There is a certain reality that I am white, and I think there will always be something attached to that,” Harlow said. “No matter how embraced I am, there will never be a day that I’m Black. With that being said, there’s a certain responsibility that comes with being a white man in a Black genre, and there’s certain things that have me regarded differently. But there is something exciting about skipping over any barriers that might be there and creating unity.”

Harlow would add, “It’s important that people know I love hip-hop and want to stay in hip-hop and want to be part of hip-hop and I’m using it as a vehicle to fuel my dreams.”

On the aforementioned KFC deal, the national chicken brand and Harlow are joining together today to benefit communities across Western Kentucky that were impacted by the devastating tornado incident on December 11th. In support of relief efforts, KFC and its parent company, Yum! Brands, as well as Harlow, are donating a total of $250,000 to the American Red Cross.

“Growing up, I always dreamed of being that guy who would put Kentucky on the map in the music scene. But to team up with an iconic national staple like KFC, the biggest brand to come out of Kentucky, is truly an honor. I’m looking forward to all the amazing things we’re about to do together,” Harlow said.