J. Stalin Drops Long-Awaited Sequel, “Prenuptial Agreement 2”

J. Stalin has finally released a follow-up to his 2010 mixtape, Prenuptial Agreement, 13 years later. The Bay Area rapper shared Prenuptial Agreement 2 on Friday.

The new project features guest appearances from Philthy Rich, Jackboy, Jane Handcock, and more. As for producers, Stalin teamed up with Juneonnabeat and The Mekanix, among others.

The original mixtape was a pivotal moment in popularizing mob music from the Bay Area.

“Mob music is sinister basses and sinister snares,” Stalin has explained, as noted by Audible Treats. “It’s all in the drums and snares and it’s real bassy. It’s a distinctive sound, created by producers like DJ Duo, Ant Banks, Mike D, and Rick Rock. When the first Prenup came out, hyphy was what was popping in the Bay Area. Mob rappers like me, we made some hyphy tracks, but hyphy was kid-like to us. When we did hyphy, we mixed it with mob sounds and harder lyrics. Mob was our version of what drill is now. Prenup brought the Bay sound back to mob music. Hyphy wasn’t as popular by 2010, and everyone was saying, ‘What are we gonna do now, how is the sound gonna be now?’ When I dropped Prenuptial Agreement, the whole city knew: ‘this is the new sound.’”

Check out J. Stalin’s Prenuptial Agreement 2 below.

Prenuptial Agreement 2 tracklist:
  1. The Boss
  2. Who U Talkin 2 (ft. June)
  3. Bricks in the City (ft. Jackboy)
  4. World On My Shoulders
  5. A Lot of Money (ft. 22nd Jim)
  6. Everywhere I Go
  7. Basic (ft. Lyjah)
  8. Don’t Front Pt. 2 (ft. Big Breaux)
  9. To Do List (ft. June Poole)
  10. Issues (ft. Stunnaman02 & Lyjah)
  11. S. 580 (ft. Lyjah)
  12. Tupac (ft. EBK Young Joc)
  13. Count On 1 Hand (ft. Jane Handcock)
  14. 3 Minutes (ft. Philthy Rich)
  15. Backwoods (ft. Kevin Allen)
  16. Grind For It (ft. 4rAx of The Mekanix & Acito)
  17. The One