J. Cole Drops “Procrastination (Broke)” Loosie Using Fan-Created Beat He Found on YouTube

J. Cole is a real one for this. While browsing YouTube looking for inspiration in the studio, Cole found it in a producer who created a “J. Cole Type Beat” and simply uploaded it to YouTube. Cole would rap over the beat, creating “Procrastination (Broke)” and allowing the rising producer to release it on his YouTube page.

The producer goes by the name Bvtman as his accounts tates he is from Brooklyn, New York. The cover art for the single features the text message that J. Cole shared with Bvtman.

“This song should live on your channel and serve as a thank you to you and every producer out there cooking up and sharing their work with the world,” Cole said in the text. “It’s a million artists out there right now just like me, hungry and searching every day for something to spark a word, a melody, a hook, a verse, a punchline, a way to vent, or a way to CUT THROUGH.”


Bvtman stated Ibrahim “IB” Hamad text him about the beat, surprising him on a drive with his shorty. You can see the full story below and also hear the single.