Iggy Azalea Responds to TikTok Trend: “Yall Weird As F*ck For This”

Another day .. another Tik Tok challenge. Tiktok is the home of creative dance challenges and memes. This time, it seems as though rapper Iggy Azalea is behind what could be the start of a new challenge, one that she may not approve of.

We were all there to witness it several months ago when Iggy outed the father of her son, Playboi Carti for allegedly abandoning the two and cheating during their relationship.

Iggy didn’t seem too happy to hear the audio from one of her videos being played on a TikTok video with Jodie Woods and Alabama Barker.

“This man didn’t even come to see his son be born, he went to Philly to play the Playstation with Lil Uzi,” Iggy said in the video. “He felt that was more important than seeing his son be born, and I had a scheduled C-section.”

“Yall weird as f*ck for this,” Iggy commented under the post. Some social media users found the rapper to be taking things too personally and others sided with the rapper believing that Jodie and Alabama were being insensitive. Maybe Jodie and Alabama should consider a new challenge instead. What do you think? Check out the video here.