ICYMI: EST Gee Recalls Meeting with JAY-Z Who Told Him “Don’t Bring Your Ghostwriter”

EST Gee is blowing up right now and members of the Hip-Hop community take notice. That community includes JAY-Z, who reached out to the young star but also told him to leave his ghostwriter at the crib.

“Jay-Z a street nigga, he just got a billion,” Gee said. “He just on some cool shit, but he ain’t on no weird shit. JAY-Z ain’t weird at all. And I’ve done met some rappers who be weird bruh, and they supposed to be more younger, gangsta, whatever.”

Gee would reveal Hov extended an offer to slide to the Super Bowl and hang out with him, also saying they can hit the studio.

“He gon’ shoot a joke at you and everything. He told me, ‘Let me bring you down to the Super Bowl with me so we can kick it, man.’ He’s like, ‘We get in the studio, make sure you don’t bring your ghostwriter with you.’ I’m like, ‘Damn.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah man, they told me you have somebody write that shit for you.’ He was dead serious about it. That’s how I know he’s a street nigga who made it down to the big level.”

EST Gee just dropped his new Bigger Than Life or Death album, bringing in Yo Gotti, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Pooh Shiesty, 42 Dugg, and more. You can check it out below.