Ice Spice Responds To Multiple Fan Critiques Of Her Oscars Look

Over the weekend, tons of celebs showed out for this year’s Oscars. Though the show itself focuses primarily on film many of the after-parties feature a variety of stars. One of those was Ice Spice who is shockingly more famous during this year’s Academy Awards than she was just one year ago. That’s why it was no surprise that she was in attendance for the Vanity Fair afterparty. While some fashion spotters were stunned by her see-through black lace dress, others took issue with the similarity to other looks she’s worn.

“i wish her stylist would try harder… same lace bodysuit back to back” a fan online said in response to her most recent look. Spice has never been one to bite her tongue so when she saw the tweet, she fired back. “lets see u b*tches in custom dolce” she replied in a quote tweet. That was the most direct response she gave, but not the only one. Spice also liked a fans tweet who made a response to similar criticisms of her wearing her hair the same way. “y’all are so annoying. ariana wore a half up n half down hairstyle for damnear 5yrs straight. what’s the issue?” the tweet Spice liked reads. Check out her clap backs below.

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Ice Spice Defends Her Oscars Look

The Oscars aren’t the only time recently that fans have been discussing Ice Spice’s looks and clothes. She recently teamed up with Alexander Wang for a new photoshoot that featured her posing among some interesting props. That included pictures with a massive mirror suspended above her and even more of her on a futuristic-looking motorcycle.

Meanwhile on Snapchat Spice was showing off her “favorite” look. That look turned out to be a pretty robust booty pic that both surprised and delighted fans. What do you think of Ice Spice’s response to fan criticisms of her Oscars after party looks? Do you think the fans have a point about the similarity of her outfits? Let us know in the comment section below.

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