Ice Spice Claps Back At Fans For Roasting Her Style

Ice Spice has quickly become one of the biggest young artists in the entire world. She has amassed a very large following, and fans love her. Additionally, she has been killing it with her first few singles. From “Munch” to “Bikini Bottom” to “In Ha Mood,” Ice Spice has made it clear that she is here to stay.

Speaking of “In Ha Mood,” Spice was in the Bronx recently where she was looking to film the music video for the track. The music video shoot seemed to be a whole lot of fun. Moreover, the artist wore a unique outfit that included a cropped fur jacket, some bedazzled belts, and a matching red purse.

Ice Spice Roasted

Immediately after dropping stills from the video, the artist was promptly roasted for her fashion choices. Some people just didn’t get what she was going for here, and it led to some social media dogpiling. For instance, one person wrote, “Ice Spice needs a stylist bro, wtf is this??”

Despite being on the receiving end of the roast, Spice made sure to let people know that she is unbothered. In the tweet down below, the artist simply wrote “u wouldn’t get it.” Since coming onto the scene, Ice Spice has been setting her own trends, and that is not going to stop anytime soon. After all, fashion is a huge part of someone’s personal expression.

Following her clap back, many fans took to her replies and quote tweets to back her up. As you can see below, most people are big fans of what she wore. Overall, her fans understand that she is doing her own thing, and that is exactly why they love her so much.

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