Gunman Stoned to Death After Shooting in Texas Party

A gunman who opened fire at a backyard gathering in Fort Worth Texas has been pronounced dead after killing one and injuring several other attendees of the backyard party.

The shots fired off around 1 AM on Monday (July 26) after a partygoer left the party upset and returned with another individual in which they began arguing with another group at the party.

According to Fort Worth police, the suspect shot one of the guests at the party and continued shooting as he fled the scene. Other partygoers seemingly chased the suspect and began throwing bricks at him as he ran.

Tracy Carter, of the Fort Worth police department, gave a statement on the incident. “What we’re saying is some of the people picked up what we call stone pavers. What you line your driveway with points on them. That was something they initially could get,” she began. “I don’t want to say maybe used as defense, but that’s what they were able to throw at the gunman.”

“They either caught him, or he fell to the ground,” Carter continued. “And at that time, he lost his life what we believe by stones. The [medical examiner] is going to have to determine that.” Carter then suggested that citizens calls authorities rather than chase an active gunman.

No one involved in the incident has been publicly identified.