Future Releases ‘Purple Reign’ on Streaming Services

One positive thing to come out of this quarantine is the plethora of new (and old) music that’s being released. For the third consecutive week, Future will liberate another piece of his epic mid-2010s run. Purple Reign is officially on all platforms.

The 13-track project was executive produced by frequent collaborators, DJ Esco and Metro Boomin. Southside and Zaytoven also have production credits, and all the aforementioned producers handled the sounds for the Monster-Beast Mode56 Nights trilogy.

Purple Reign spawned hits like “Perkys Callin”, “Wicked”, and “Inside The Mattress.” The success of the single “Wicked” showcased the Atlanta rapper’s impact on radio soundwaves without a studio album.

If you’re wondering why “Wicked” isn’t on streaming platforms, it’s because it was included in his subsequent collection, EVOL.

Earlier this week Future released 56 Nights and Beast Mode on DSPs. Now you can stream Purple Reign below: