Foolio’s Instagram Posts Promo Video Amidst Hacking Confusion

Foolio’s memory has not seen rest yet. The rapper’s tragic death has been overshadowed by a series of disses and bizarre incidents on social media. The former has come about due to Foolio’s beef with Yungeen Ace. The latter, however, is still a mystery that’s unfolding. Foolio’s Instagram account was hacked on June 28. This lead to a series of posts and comments that had hip-hop fans scratching their head.

On Friday night, the rapper seemingly urged fans to follow his profile. He did so in a video that was posted directly to the Foolio Instagram. “Aye, this Foolio man,” the rapper says into the camera. “Go follow my people… I’mma put their app below… go follow [them] right now.” The caption under the video reads: “No fuel, no deal. Everything guaranteed.” It’s unnerving to watch, however, knowing the rapper himself is not behind the upload. The hacker had already struck earlier in the evening. Earlier, Foolio seemingly commented on Yungeen Ace’s diss song “Game Over.” The hacker left a trash emoji in the comment section, which prompted Ace to respond.

Foolio’s Instagram Page Has Remained Active

All this is going on while the search for Foolio’s killers persists. Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters issued a statement on who the police are looking to Newsweek. He was careful not to reveal too much, though. “These groups – I won’t name them, they know who they are,” he explained. “We’re not going to tolerate any retribution, any revenge… we’re going to watch. We’re going to pay attention to what’s going on.” The Jacksonville police have not announced any suspects. Consequently, no arrests have been made.

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