Finesse2Tymes Afterparty In Atlanta Reportedly Disrupted By Shooting

An Atlanta afterparty reportedly hosted by Finesse2Tymes allegedly resulted in a shooting, and a clip surfaced online of patrons running out of the venue. Moreover, the Memphis MC performed at the city’s Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash, which featured a host of other artists. As of writing this article, very little details emerged as to this incident other than the online clip, so it would be wise to take the footage with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first instance of this nature to take place at one of the rapper’s events. Back in January, two people received charges for a shooting that left three injured after a fight broke out at one of his shows.

On the other hand, other antics reported in relation to his live shows have fortunately been less life-threatening. For example, Finesse2Tymes recently blasted a concert promoter for not having enough money for him to perform at a scheduled show. While many reacted with little sympathy, given that it still resulted in a canceled show, it goes to show that these live settings bring about a lot of complications behind the scenes. Hopefully this latest reported incident wasn’t as a result of those responsible for the afterparty.

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Regardless, the 31-year-old’s live shows tragically represented what incidents could happen at a concert. His show with GloRilla resulted in a crowd surge that caused three deaths and other injuries. Both artists expressed their sympathies to the families of those lost, and recent developments hint at an incoming lawsuit. These incidents all occurred under different circumstances for different reasons, and it goes to show the unpredictability and danger that artists like Finesse2Tymes and promoters have to look out for with a heavy heart.

Meanwhile, these might be circumstances that many believed to cause the rapper to skip his own events. To elaborate, he responded to claims that he sent his brother out to perform at a club in his place, calling cap on all accusations. As one of the hottest rappers coming out of Memphis right now, he’ll surely have to keep his eye out to prevent these incidents from occurring again. For the latest news and updates on Finesse2Tymes, log back into HNHH.

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