Fetty Wap Slapped With Lawsuit After Woman Claims the Rapper Attacked Her

New Jerse native, Fetty Wap finds himself in another legal battle, this time with a woman who claims that the rapper attacked her.

Wap’s accuser claims that at a 2019 afterparty, the rapper has strangled her and punched her in the face. In court documents, the unidentified woman shares that she attended the after-party with some friends and that throughout the course of the night the rapper consumed a numerous amount of drinks, causing him to get aggressive with his guest.

The woman claims that the rapper overheard her making a comment regarding the event and became angry from that point on. She claims that Wap aggressively approached her and began to threaten her. The Blast reports that the rapper then pressed his finger on her forehead and forcefully pushed her head back.

While spitting the words, “I’ll kill you” the rapper then allegedly grabbed the woman by the throat and began strangling her. She also says that someone a the party separated the two in efforts to de-escalate the situation but that didn’t stop Wap from continuing to go at the woman in rage. The contention only continued when the rapper punched the woman in the face, causing her to call authorities. The case has now been given to the District Attorney.


Although the lawsuit doesn’t state what damages have been caused, the woman claims that she is experiencing extraordinary emotional distress and humiliation. After all of the legal trouble clears up, fans hope the rapper will get back in the studio and stay out of the courtroom.