Fake Donald Trump Quotes About Panera Bread Lemonade Go Viral

Images appearing to show Donald Trump blaming Joe Biden for a spate of recent deaths linked to Panera Bread’s lemonade have gone viral online. Fake captions added to screenshots of a real Trump speech from Iowa appeared to show the former President going off on a lemonade-related tangent. “Everything is bad under Biden. Even the lemonade is killing people. Did you see that? People drink lemonade and die. The lemonade didn’t kill you when I was president. It was tasty and fun to drink. We loved the lemonade, didn’t we? We did, but not under Biden. Bacon is more money. Gas is more money. The lemonade is more money and it kills you. When life hands you lemons, Joe Biden kills you with them,” the fake quotes read. The quotes were originally posted by a satirical comedian on X.

However, the fake quotes are in reference to a real event. At least two people have reportedly died as a result of drinking Panera Bread’s highly caffeinated “charged lemonade”. The issue seemingly arises from potentially lethal amounts of caffeine in larger servings of the beverages. While Panera Bread is in the process of updating its menu and nutritional information, the company has been hit with two wrongful death suits.

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Donald Trump Attends Palmetto Bowl

While his Panera Bread rant might be fake, Trump has still been making some real (and bizarre) appearances. Last month, Trump attended the 120th Palmetto Bowl between South Carolina and Clemson this weekend. Other than the fact South Carolina voted for him, it’s unclear why Trump chose the game in particular. However, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said he was looking forward to welcoming the former president to Williams-Brice Stadium.

Clemson twice visited the White House during the Trump presidency to celebrate their 2016 and 2018 national championships. However, the visit in January 2019 became something of a spectacle after Trump proudly served mountains of fast food to the visiting players. Of course, this was not the only time he did this during his presidency. Despite this, people have questioned why Trump avoided the much higher stakes (and much more lucrative voters) of “The Game” between Ohio State and Michigan.

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