Elliott Wilson Claims Drake Has Blacklisted Him From Toronto

Elliott Wilson calls it like it he sees it. He’s been complimentive of Drake in the past, and conducted what many consider to be the definitive Drake interview in 2020. That being said, Wilson did not hold back his criticisms during the 6 God’s battle with Kendrick Lamar. He believed that Drake lost the battle by a wide margin, and detailed the ways in which he did on social media. This led to the Toronto rapper unfollowing him on Instagram. According to Wilson, however, the bitterness didn’t stop there.

Elliott Wilson discussed his current relationship with Drake during a recent UPROXX interview. The rap journalist told the hosts that not only did Drake unfollow him, but has subsequently made it difficult for him to travel to Toronto. “Kendrick clearly won,” Wilson noted. “And I understand not wanting to see that on your timeline.” It was the next step of the process that proved to be more of an issue. “I got the call from the OGs,” the journalist revealed. “I’m not really welcome in Toronto right now.”

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Elliott Wilson Respects Drake’s Decision

Despite putting Drake’s decision on blast, Wilson told the hosts that he understood why it was made. “I grew up in New York City,” he explained. “You know you don’t go through other people’s projects. Your projects is your projects. You might go visit shorty, but you ain’t got no business going to her projects looking for no problems.” The journalist respects that Toronto is the 6 God’s domain, and will abide by that until they’re on better terms. “I would not go to Toronto if me and Drake weren’t good,” he added. “That obviously makes sense.”

Elliott Wilson’s respect extended to any artist he’s criticized in the past. “You develop these connections with them and you have to manage that relationship,” he asserted. “And there’s ups and downs with that. So, I respect him. I don’t think he’s a bad person for unfollowing me.” One of the UPROXX host claims he saw the Wilson and Drake spat coming, but Wilson doubled down and said that he doesn’t take any of it personally. “Most artists don’t [f*ck with me],” he noted while laughing.

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