Drake Reacts To Kendrick Lamar’s “Euphoria” Diss: “See You Soon”

We’ve finally arrived at the main event. Kendrick Lamar started it with “Like That,” and Drake took it up a notch with “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.” There was concern that Lamar wasn’t going to get back at Drake in a timely manner, but he dropped “Euphoria” on April 30 and got things back on track. The first round of the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle is done with. Both artists are firmly prepped for battle. One, in particular, is excited for what comes next.

DJ Akademiks has been the conduit for Drake messages throughout the battle. He’s relayed the rapper’s feelings towards Lamar and his desire to hash things out after “10 years” of waiting. Akademiks dropped another bombshell revelation during his April 30 live stream when he shared a text conversation with the 6 God.

According to the streamer, Drake said “I’m energized by the elimination of Drake” with laughing emojis. This is a reference to an interview Kanye West recently gave, in which he claimed to be teaming up with rappers in an effort to bring Drizzy down. The rapper then left Akademiks and the fans with an ominous: “See you soon.”

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Drake Mockingly Referenced His Own “Elimination”

Drake has chosen his works carefully over the last few months. He’s done his fair share of trolling, but he has made a point of revealing as little as possible. The text message to DJ Akademiks, for example, is the first time he’s technically spoken on the “Euphoria” diss. The rapper has been liking IG posts since it was released, though. Right after “Euphoria” went viral, Drizzy liked a comment asking: “That’s it??”

Drake’s comment about seeing fans “soon” supports DJ Akademiks’ theory. The streamer hopped on X (formerly Twitter) to claim that the Toronto rapper will respond faster than Lamar did. Ak went as far as to assert that Drake could get a diss out in a week. “I expect Drake to respond expeditiously,” he tweeted. “He got 17 days (same time as kendrick).. but I think he’ll respond in 7 calendar days NGL. He happy asf that Kendrick showed he got a pulse.”

Regardless of how long it takes, the battle has officially been taken up a notch.

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