Drake Launches Domestic Violence Claims Against Kendrick Lamar, Alleges Dave Free Is His Child’s Father

The clash of the titans left a bloody trail in its wake, and neither artist is claiming any sort of victory with a clean conscience, no matter what is or isn’t true. Moreover, you’ve probably already heard the scathing diss tracks that Drake and Kendrick Lamar had for each other yesterday (Friday, May 3). They both contain plenty of wild claims, serious allegations, and brutal character takedowns, although one in particular might take the cake for its shock value and severity… or two, but we’ll get to that later. The 6ix God claimed that his Compton rival abused his partner (fiancée or wife) and tried to cover it up, that he’s still been consistently cheating on her, and that Dave Free (his manager) is the actual father of one of their kids.

Of course, these were all damning accusations that, sadly for OVO fans, lasted for about twenty minutes before being met with equally destructive returning fire. In Kendrick Lamar’s “Meet The Grahams” diss track, he claimed that Drake and OVO actually run a sex trafficking ring, and that Drizzy himself is a predator, a groomer, and an assaulter. The Boy has faced similar accusations of inappropriate relationships with underage girls, but this is a systemic allegation that seems ominously relevant given the current wave of Diddy allegations on similar suppositions. Needless to say, we’re not in the fun part of rap beef anymore.

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Drake Accuses Kendrick Lamar Of Domestic Violence

In addition, Kendrick Lamar also claimed that Drake has a secret daughter and might even have more children that he’s not supporting or speaking on. There’s a thin line between privacy and neglect, one that K.Dot is walking carefully here given his own reluctance to parade his family for the media. But this is a claim that Aubrey immediately dismissed, and some fans have even theorized that he fed this as fake information to catch Kendrick in a lie. The narratives around that, such as a picture of the supposed 11-year-old girl in the background of Drake’s recent music video, are only speculation at this point.

There’s a lot of confusion, a lot of drama, and a whole lot of explaining to do that many fans are demanding on both sides. Receipts will be a key factor here, but it’s clear that neither Drake nor Kendrick Lamar will walk away from this unscathed. Any victors called come with an asterisk attached, and never meeting your heroes has never sounded like a sweeter relief. Forget the sides: we need to address women’s alleged pain across the board.

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