Drake & Adonis Sit Courtside At NBA Game, Father & Son Watch Heat Versus Knicks

Drake and his son Adonis Graham are big hoopers, and they’ve popped out a couple of times for a courtside spot during the NBA 2023-2024 season. Most recently, they hit up the Miami Heat and New York Knicks’ showdown at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Both teams are doing pretty well in the Eastern Conference, and fans might recall their playoff showdown last year, which the Heat emerged victorious from. Furthermore, many fans might predict the same outcome this season, although there’s so much parity in the league that these predictions are no less exciting to see succeed or fail.

Back to our For All The Dogs superstars, though, it seems like Drake thinks that his son could be a star player on the court one day. Moreover, he recently took some Instagram with some pics of Adonis playing basketball, which he captioned with “Leaving these here until the 2036 draft.” Overall, it’s wholesome to see a father motivate his child in this way, especially when Drizzy could easily be doing this for a musical career instead. Well, Adonis does have that verse on “Daylight” from his pops’ aforementioned 2023 album (which he drew the cover for, apparently), so perhaps the Grahams are just covering as many bases as possible.

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Drake & His Son, Adonis Graham, At MSG

Regardless, whether the six-year-old becomes the next rap superstar, a stellar shooting guard, or a plumber, Drake will always be here to celebrate him. In fact, it’s odd to think that he once kept him a secret from the world given how much he expresses his pride in him. For example, the Toronto MC’s Christmas post paid homage to all the love he shows Adonis and his mother Sandi, and even got a live singer to perform for them in his residence. When your dad is one of the biggest artists in the world, you can always expect him to show out for you.

Meanwhile, that also translates into their commercial opportunities, such as their promo ad for NOCTA’s Air Force 1 Low campaign. Perhaps all this time in the spotlight isn’t the best for Adonis, but hopefully he truly feels seen more often than not. After all, it’s a lot of pressure when your dad wants you as a top pick in the NBA Draft. For more news and the latest updates on Drake, log back into HNHH.

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