Donald Trump Allegedly Used N-Word Against Black Contestant On “The Apprentice”

Though there have long been rumors that Donald Trump used the n-word, an ex-producer of “The Apprentice” is now categorically asserting that he did. Bill Pruitt, who produced the first season of the popular NBC show in 2004 and continued to work on it for many years thereafter, recently wrote an essay on Slate in which he claims the former president used the epithet in reference to a Black participant. He asserts that Trump used the n-word when thinking of the first-season finalists. The finalists were Kwame Jackson, the runner-up, and Bill Rancic, who won the competition in 2004.

According to Pruitt’s account of the event, Jay Bienstock, the showrunner of “Apprentice,” Carolyn Kepcher, who oversaw Trump’s hospitality divisions at the time, and Pruitt himself got together to talk about the last two men, which Pruitt maintains was a recorded moment. He claims that this exchange was intended to be captured on camera to precede Trump’s final choice. The team informed Trump about their choices. It is alleged that he recoiled at the idea that Kwame ought to be given priority. 

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Donald Trump Allegedly Used The N-Word In 2004

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 30: Donald Trump speaks to the media as he arrives to court for his hush money trial at Manhattan Criminal Court on May 30, 2024 in New York City. Judge Juan Merchan gave the jury instructions, and deliberations are entering their second day. (Photo by Justin Lane – Pool/Getty Images)

According to Pruitt, when Kepcher said, “I think Kwame would be a great addition to the organization,” Trump supposedly frowned in response. According to Pruitt, after several issues, Trump questioned Kwame about why he hadn’t fired Omarosa. Kwame’s staff responded by claiming Kwame lacked the authority to do so. Then Trump allegedly said, “Yeah, but, I mean, would America buy a n***** winning?” Pruitt believes that when after Trump said this, he winced more and more. He allegedly gave the impression that he was serious about not wanting Kwame to win. Pruitt also claims that Kepcher became pale after hearing this. After that, Bienstock is said to have shifted the conversation’s focus to George Ross, one of Trump’s lawyers, who was also purportedly there.

Following that, according to Pruitt, no one acknowledged what Trump had said. Moreover, the purportedly recorded moment and other odious things Trump had allegedly said while filming were never released. There is no evidence to support Trump’s long-standing denial that he ever said it. There have been no comments from those involved outside of Pruitt. Overall, the alleged Donald Trump n-word video may still be out there. 

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